All About Your Friendly Neighborhood Florist

Retail flower shops, in the simplest sense, sell flowers and floral arrangements. However, florists do much more than this. In addition to supplying flowers, gifts, and trinkets, they provide a wide range of services aimed at building excellent ongoing customer relationships.

By selling flowers that cater to a diverse set of occasions, milestones, and even some somber events, people are afforded the opportunity of expressing a wide range of feelings and sentiments. Appropriately designed bouquets can often convey much more than the spoken word. Experience shows that the message conveyed by beautiful flowers is often appreciated more than any other gift.

So, let’s take a deeper dive and explore exactly what being a florist entails, and how florists make an impact through their work. This way we can really understand what they do for us and appreciate the value of every bouquet we buy.

Florist styles

Florists will choose flowers that have the widest consumer appeal based on tried-and-tested arrangements they have sold over the years. At the end of the day, it is really a few basic styles that form the core of many of these bouquets.

Of course, details will differ from florist to florist, with each having their own unique style and way of doing things. There are many that innovate constantly, switching their designs and setting new trends. The object is to turn each floral arrangement into a unique masterpiece of flowers, buds and leaves, displayed in the most attractive way.

Techniques and technical innovations

When it comes to techniques, florists will turn to centuries-old methods that have stood the test of time. In addition to these, they’ll use modern approaches, constantly keeping abreast of new trends, fashions, and styles.

Experience is a major key to successfully producing pleasing floral arrangements, with many aspiring florists going through apprenticeships before ultimately learning on the job. This way, they build and hone their skills learning about the craft from established professionals. Formal botanical education, studying the cultivation of plants and flowers, is also a route chosen by some florists.

New techniques and methods are constantly utilized to improve designs, making them better, more efficient, longer lasting, and also, possibly, cheaper. Using the internet enables florists to leverage the designs of others, and to develop and facilitate best business methods. All of these contribute to the satisfaction and convenience of their customers.


How often have you seen the local florist closed? Chances are, when you pass by, you’ll always see the door open and fresh flowers on display. Florists can be counted upon to have selections for major events all year round, catering for virtually every occasion.

Between the big holidays and events, many florists barely take a break, even though there are always some slower months in the year. Still, most people can count on the flower shops in their area to be open whenever they need them. Even through weekends and public holidays, if you need to buy flowers, you will surely find what you need.

Florists are versatile artists that work with a palette of flowers and plants, conveying nuanced messages and feelings through the medium of their creations. The next time you order a bouquet, know that it is the product of hard work, skill, study, and creativity. Appreciating this will truly imbue each floral arrangement you buy with more appeal and value.