Winter isn’t really a time most people associate with active gardening. In fact, the experts advise that it is important to allow your plants to rest over this period. But what about taking care of them? Your plants, for example, will still need a certain amount of watering even during the cold winter months. But this will differ between those Read more
What are perennials? One way to classify plants is according to the number of growing seasons it takes to complete their life cycles. The three main groups are commonly referred to as annuals, biennials, and perennials. A popular dictionary definition for perennials is “plants living for several years.” They can be slower in terms of growth rate, and may only Read more
Why flowers make the perfect gift Arriving with a lovely bouquet of flowers in hand is one of the most universal images of gift-giving. For practically any occasion or event, flowers will virtually always be an appropriate gift choice. What makes flowers the perfect gift? Read on and see why flowers continue to be the timeless gift-giving option for everyone Read more
What are annuals? There are flowering plants that complete their entire life cycle within a single growing season -these are commonly termed annuals. While the name suggests a year-long cycle, that’s not always the case. Some annuals may grow from seed into flowers very quickly, often in three months or less after planting. Once an annual has completed its full Read more