Florists – Your One-Stop Gift Shop

When you think about flower shops, you know you’ll find flowers. However, did you know that florists also offer a range of other items that you can gift your loved ones? Apart from flower arrangements and bouquets, you’ll find a number of other gift options available at your trusted florist. Here are just some of the things you can expect in stock at your favorite local flower shop.


It’s always a treat to receive balloons together with flowers. These may be balloons that come in a variety of shapes and colors, or ones that have appropriate messages printed on them. You can even order a bouquet of balloons to go with your bouquet of flowers. This is a simple yet effective add-on for when you’re celebrating birthdays and milestones.


They say flowers aren’t practical gifts because you can’t eat them. So why not pair that bouquet with a box of chocolates? Many people really appreciate the gift of food, and candies such as chocolates are perfect options. Flowers and chocolates are an especially good combination when given as gifts in the context of romantic relationships.


Some florists also stock snacks such as chips and popcorn. There are even some who offer treat baskets. These may include items such as fruits, cheeses, biscuits, and other types of gourmet options.

Customers can pick and mix, ordering combinations of their choice. This way, the one you are gifting will have a full tummy on top of a full heart! Flower and food combinations are a great way to show appreciation or to express get-well-soon wishes. They also work incredibly well as a welcoming gift for house guests you’re expecting.

Stuffed animals

Double down on the cuteness and charm when you combine flowers with stuffed animals. Teddy bears are always great gift choices, but if you would rather go with a different kind of stuffed animal, you may find one of those that takes your fancy. These are great permanent components of your gift. Even when the flowers are gone, your loved one will still have the stuffed animal to remember the occasion. This combo works great as a romantic gift and is ideal for children.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to complement your gift of vibrant greens and colorful flowers. It’s all about mixing and matching options in order to give a gift that’s tailor-fit for the recipient. The main draw will still be the flowers, but why not also have something to complement the shoots and buds.

So, any time you feel that flowers alone won’t be enough, grab a trinket at the florist’s gift shop. All of the gift options you’ll find at flower shops are perfect complements to flowers. Regardless of which ones you pick, rest assured that they will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Remember, many of these ideas are also fully customizable to fit the occasion or event. Check out the florist in your area to see what options are at your disposal!