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Popular fresh flower bouquet appropriate for celebrating life’s many magic moments.

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The award-winning floral design team at Hoover-Fisher Florist created this beautiful flower arrangement. We call it “Celebration”. This is one of our best selling floral designs. The fresh flower bouquet features stunning pink roses, orange lilies, lavender alstroemeria, poms and lots of stunning accents.

Product Details

Floral bouquet name: Celebration

Flowers in the design: Pink Roses, Lavender Alstroemeria, Orange Lilies

Colors in the bouquet: Green, Lavender, Orange, Pink

Country of origin for flowers: Ecuador, South America, Southeast Asia, USA

Suggested use: Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Just Because, Love & Romance, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day & more

Recommended add-ons: Balloons, Chocolates, Hand-Written Card, Hoover-Fisher’s Famous Popcorn

Featured Flowers

Alstroemeria – are a popular choice for floral arrangements because of their long-lasting, colorful blooms. The genus is named after Olof Alstromer, a Swedish botanist who helped classify the plant in 1760. Alstroemerias are native to South America, though they grow well in other climates as well. Alstroemeria are often used in our floral arrangements because they are beautiful and offer a longer vase life than other floral varieties. Alstroemeria are available in many gorgeous colors.

Orange Lilies – are a beautiful flower that comes in many varieties. They are also referred to as “orange bells” and “orange tiger lilies.” Orange lilies are members of the genus Lilium, which includes more than 100 species of lily plants. These plants can be found in a wide range of environments, including forests, marshes, and meadows. Orange lilies are often used in floral arrangements because of their vibrant color and long stems. These flowers can be used in both formal and casual settings thanks to their versatility!

Pink Roses – The pink rose is a very popular flower in the world of floral design. With its bright color and cheerful shape, this flower can be used to create an array of beautiful arrangements for any occasion. There are many different types of pink roses available today but most fall into one of two categories: hybrid tea roses (also known as Floribunda) or floribunda roses (also known as Hybrid Teas). Hybrid teas typically have larger blooms with more petals than floribundas do, but they also tend to have less fragrance than floribundas do.




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