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Same-Day Flower Delivery Service

Hoover-Fisher Florist offers a great selection of beautiful anniversary themed floral bouqets. We also sell anniversary themed gifts that many in Kensington find perfect to celebrate the occasion. If you are looking for something other than flowers, we recommend an orchid plant, or a European or succulent dish garden. We offer all of these great plant options. Plants are also available for same-day delivery service.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the occasion, sending flowers is always a great option. There are many varieties of flowers that are appropriate for any occasion, but there are some that are particularly fitting for anniversaries. Here’s what we recommend:

– Roses: Roses are the most popular flower choice for anniversaries. They’re easy to find and come in a variety of colors, but red is always the most traditional choice.

– Orchids: Orchids are also very popular for anniversaries because they look elegant and sophisticated. They’re often found in white or purple shades, although pink and yellow ones are also popular choices.

– Carnations: Carnations are another classic choice for anniversaries since they’re inexpensive yet still make an impactful statement. You can even get them with personalized messages written on them!

If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, we have some really great flower bouquet options for you. Flowers are one of those things that can really make an impression—and not just because they’re beautiful (which they are). They also have a special significance that goes beyond their color and shape: they’re a sign of love and affection. That’s why we think sending flowers for an anniversary is such a great idea—it shows that even though years have passed since your relationship started, it still means something to both of you. And that’s something worth celebrating.

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