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Hoover-Fisher Florist uses beautiful daisies in many of the floral bouquets we create. We purchase many of the daisies we sell direct from flower farms. Buying from both domestic and international growers. Daisies are an incredible flower. One of the most popular in the country. We also sell many other floral varieties. Some of the most frequently purchased flowers are daffodils, gerbera daisies, orchids, peonies, roses and tulips.

Daisies – Daisies are one of the most popular flowers for bouquets because they are so versatile. They can be used to create a bouquet that is simple, classic and elegant or one that’s very modern and trendy.

Hoover-Fisher Florist uses daisies in many of our floral bouquets because we love their versatility. Daisies are like the best friend who can make you feel just as comfortable at an elegant ball as she does at a backyard barbecue. They’re great for formal occasions, but also work well with jeans and a t-shirt. Even if you don’t have access to a lot of space or money, chances are pretty good that you can find something beautiful with daisies in it!

The flower itself is actually made up of a group of individual flowers called florets, which are connected by stems. The florets come in different shapes and sizes, which can make them look like they’re arranged in a variety of patterns. A daisy with many large florets at the center surrounded by smaller ones on the outside will have more of an open look than one where all the florets are roughly similar in size.

The petals on daisies can be either bright white or yellow in color, depending on what variety you choose for your bouquet. There are also many types of daisies with different colors and patterns on their petals; some even have stripes or spots!

Gerbera Daisies – Gerbera daisies are the most popular flower in the world, and they’re the perfect choice for any occasion. Gerbera daisies are one of the most versatile flowers out there. They’re a beautiful addition to any bouquet, and they can also be used as a standalone arrangement. Their vibrant colors and unique petal structure make them super popular during the spring and summer months, but they can be used year-round if you know how to care for them properly.

You may have seen gerbera daisies before and thought they were just another variety of rose—and that’s understandable! The two flowers look similar at first glance, but gerberas have a few key differences that make them stand out from the crowd. Gerbera daisies differ from other flowers in that they have a long bloom time and are easy to care for. They can last up to two weeks in a vase if properly cared for, which makes them an ideal choice for events like weddings or parties. Gerbera daisies also have a very strong scent that’s sure to delight your guests.

Hoover-Fisher Florist uses gerbera daisies frequently in our floral bouquets because of their versatility. We can use them as accents to add color and contrast, or we can incorporate them into arrangements that feature other kinds of flowers as well. We’ll always do our best to make sure that every arrangement you order is unique, eye-catching, and perfect for your event!

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