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Same-Day Flower Delivery Service

Hoover-Fisher Florist offers a great selection of beautiful, farm-fresh Summer flowers. We carry all your favorite Summer varieties. We purchase from both domestic and international flower farms. That ensures that our Summer flower collection offers great variety for our shoppers. We also sell many floral varieties in the Summer. Maybe a wider variety of blooms than at any other time of the year. Some of the most frequently purchased flowers are daffodils, gerbera daisies, full bloom hydrangea, orchids, peonies, roses and tulips.

Gerbera Daisies – Gerbera daisies are a popular choice for floral arrangements. They are known for their bright colors, long-lasting flowers, and pleasant fragrance. Gerbera daisies differ from other flowers in several ways. Their stems are thick and sturdy, which makes them ideal for arrangements with heavy ornaments. They also have a long vase life—up to two weeks or more! The use of gerbera daisies in floral designs has increased dramatically over the past decade. They can be used alone or mixed with other types of flowers to create stunning arrangements that will impress your friends and family members.

Full Bloom Hydrangea – Hydrangea, also known as hortensia and hydrangea, are a genus of flowering plants in the family Hydrangeaceae. They are native to Asia, Australia and North America. Hydrangeas are known for their large, showy flower heads that come in a variety of colors ranging from blue to white to pink. Hydrangea flowers are usually pink or purple but can also be white. The hydrangea flower has five petals with delicate, fuzzy edges that give the flower its characteristic texture. The color of the hydrangea flower depends on the acidity level in your soil: if you grow your hydrangea in acidic soil, your flowers will be blue; if you grow them in alkaline soil, they will be pink or white.

Orchids – are a popular flower to give as gifts during the summer months. Their popularity is due to their exotic appearance, as well as the fact that they are easy to care for, and can last for months. Our design staff often uses them in Summer floral arrangements. Orchids differ from other types of flowers because they have no roots or leaves, which means they must be grown in water or under artificial light. Their growth patterns can also vary greatly from other flowers’—orchid flowers can grow on the stem or off the stem, some have spikes that grow above ground level, and others have roots that grow above ground level.

Peonies – are a beautiful flower that can be found in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Our design team often uses them in bouquets, but they can also be used as standalone decorations for any room in your home. Peonies are different from other flowers because they grow on a shrub or tree. When used in floral bouquets, they generally produce a nice long vase life. These gorgeous flowers bloom in late spring/early summer. They are truly some of the most popular flowers we sell during the Summer months.

Sunflowers – are a popular gift to give during the summer months, because they’re cheerful, colorful, and last a long time. They’re also easy to grow, so if you want to grow your own sunflower bouquet for a friend or loved one this year, you can! There are several varieties of sunflowers available. Some are dwarf varieties that only reach about 18 inches tall, while others can grow up to 10 feet tall! The flower heads range in size from 2-5 inches across.

Sunflowers differ from other flowers because they are larger, more colorful, and have a unique shape that is easily recognizable. Sunflowers can grow up to five feet tall and have bright yellow petals with black centers. The seeds of sunflowers are edible and contain many nutrients that are good for your health! The petals on most sunflowers are yellow or orange, with black centers (sometimes called “seeds”). There are many different types of sunflowers with different colors and patterns on their petals and centers.

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