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Dozen Yellow Roses


Gorgeous Long Stem Yellow Roses!


The award-winning floral design team at Hoover-Fisher Florist created this beautiful long stem rose bouquet. We offer roses by the dozen. All rose bouquets are available for same-day delivery service.

Product Details

Floral bouquet name: Dozen Yellow Roses

Flowers in the design: Long Stem Yellow Roses, Baby’s Breath

Colors in the bouquet: Yellow, White

Country of origin for flowers: Ecuador, Columbia

Suggested use: Anniversary, Love & Romance

Recommended add-ons: Coblentz Assorted Chocolates, Milkhouse Candles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Teddy Bear, Mylar Balloons

Featured Flowers

Long Stem Yellow Roses – are a type of rose that has a long stem. They are typically large, with the most popular being about 60cm in length. These roses are great for giving as gifts and for decorating for special occasions like weddings or birthdays.

The term “long-stemmed” refers to the length of the stem rather than the actual flower itself. These types of roses have very long stems, which make them ideal for placing in vases or around tables during special events. Long-stemmed pink roses are available in many different colors; however, they tend to be on the lighter side of pinks so they don’t overwhelm any other decorations you might have set up at your party or event space.

These types of flowers will keep their color and shape better than shorter varieties because they have been properly cared for prior to delivery. Long stem pink roses in a vase can last anywhere 5 – 7 days, depending on how often they receive proper care.

Additional information

Bouquet Size

1 Dozen – $89, 2 Dozen – $179, 3 Dozen – $269

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