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Hoover-Fisher Florist offers a really nice selection of beautiful, farm-fresh flowers. Flowers are the perfect gift to celebrate many of life’s special occasions. Sending a floral bouquet to someone as a way to say thank you is also a great option.

We offer the best selection of fresh flower arrangements in Montgomery county. Our website features many beautiful designs. If you don’t see the exact design that you are looking for on the site, please contact our floral design center. Our design staff can custom design a bouquet for you that meets your exact needs.


Want to make sure that someone knows just how much you appreciate the things they do for you? Send them a bouquet of farm-fresh flowers from Hoover-Fisher. We back every floral bouquet we create with an on-time delivery guarantee. Each arrangement also comes with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Alstroemeria – also known as Peruvian lily, is a beautiful flowering plant native to South America. It’s a perennial that blooms in the spring and summer months.

If you’re looking for a flower that makes an impact, look no further than alstroemeria. These flowers are incredibly popular because of their large size, rich color palette, and long-lasting blooms. They’re also known as “lily of the Incas” due to their connection with ancient Peru.

Alstroemeria is a type of amaryllis flower, meaning they have bulbous roots and grow from bulbs rather than seeds like other flowers do. Alstroemeria are great for adding color to any floral bouquet. They come in so many different hues from white through various shades of pink and purple all the way up through reds like magenta or fuchsia!

Carnations – are a classic flower, and for good reason! They are beautiful, fragrant, and long-lasting. Our design staff loves these versatile blooms. We generally blend them into designs, along with other flowers. The colorful bouquets are designers can create are amazing.

Carnations come in a wide range of colors and sizes. They can be found in all shades of pink, red, white, and yellow, and they can also be found in dark purple or lavender tones as well. The size of carnations varies depending on the variety you choose—some varieties are short and squatty while others have long stems and big blooms.

Carnation flowers are available year-round because they’re grown as cut flowers. This means that instead of being grown in the ground like other plants (like roses), carnations are grown in pots with soil at the bottom of them so that their roots don’t grow too deep into the dirt. The stems grow out of these pots before being cut down by hand, dried out with fans or heaters to make sure they don’t get moldy, then packaged up for sale at grocery stores or flower shops around town!

Monte Casino Asters – are a delicate, yet striking type of flower that can be used to add beauty and elegance to virtually any floral arrangement. They are often paired with other flowers, such as sunflowers or roses, to create a vibrant bouquet. These flowers have long stems that make them ideal for creating bouquets. Our designers frequently use them when creating corsages and boutonnieres.

The color range available for monte casino asters is vast and can include yellow, white, pink, red, purple, blue and even orange. Monte casino asters are different from other flowers because they have small petals that form into clusters at the center of each bloom. These clusters help give monte casino asters their unique appearance and make them truly stand out above all other types of flowers when used in floral arrangements.

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