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Wheaton-Glenmont Florist

Wheaton-Glenmont Flower Delivery

Hoover-Fisher Florist is your local Wheaton-Glenmont flower shop. We provide local same-day and express flower delivery for our Wheaton-Glenmont customers. When our Wheaton-Glenmont customers need to send a bouquet outside of our local delivery area, we provide a nationwide same-day delivery option.

Hoover-Fisher Florist has been providing fresh flowers, plants and gifts to Wheaton-Glenmont, Maryland since 1954. We are a family owned and operated flower shop located in Kensingon, Maryland. Also, we are one of the largest flower shops in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and are recognized as a leader in floral design in Wheaton-Glenmont and Kensington, MD. We specialize in creating professionally designed floral arrangements for any occasion you can think of.

We employ a very talented team of floral design professionals. These folks are some of the best in Montgomery County. They create luxurious, upscale fresh cut flower designs. These flower bouquets are themed for many different occasions. Our floral artisans love to custom design. If you need a very specific flower bouquet, please contact our flower shop. We will custom design the exact fresh flower bouquet that you need.

Our delivery staff makes daily delivery runs to all Montgomery County hospitals and medical centers. Take a look at the get well flower designs we have featured on the website. There are quite a few great options. If you don’t see the exact get well bouquet you need, please give us a call. We can custom design the specific bouquet you need. Don’t forget to add-on a get well mylar balloon, teddy bear or perhaps a nice dish garden to your get well order. We back every flower, plant or gift delivery with our on-time delivery guarantee.

Wheaton-Glenmont Flower Shop

Same Day Delivery for Wheaton-Glenmont, MD

About Hoover-Fisher Florist

We recently re-located our floral design center to the Kensington, Maryland area. The address of our design center is 4100 Howard Avenue. From our flower shop to the downtown area of Wheaton-Glenmont, Maryland is approximately 1.9 miles. It takes our delivery staff approximately 7 minutes to make the drive from the design center, to Wheaton-Glenmont. 

Our Wheaton-Glenmont, Maryland customers often choose us, because we provide great value, at an affordable price. They truly enjoy the incredible customer service we provide. Our goal with every order is always to exceed expectations. We have been operating in the mind set for more than 70 years. Our brand is one of the most trusted in the city. Our experienced delivery professionals will ensure that you receive your flowers, exactly when you expect them to be there. The bouquet we create for you will be professionally styled and filled with farm fresh blooms. Your flowers will arrive, just as beautiful as they were we our designer created the arrangement. 


Hoover-Fisher Florist offers the best selection of beautiful farm fresh flowers in Derwood. We create luxurious, upscale floral bouquets, themed for many different occasions. Our firm locally sources floral products when possible. When that isn’t possible, we purchase many of the flowers we sell direct from growers. We buy from both domestic and international growers. Our Ecuadorian roses are absolutely gorgeous. They are grown high in the mountains of Ecuador, where the rose plants benefit from the perfect blend of sunlight, soil conditions and moisture. We sell long stem roses, spray roses and beautiful garden roses.