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Designer’s Choice St. Patricks Day


Let our professional designer’s work their magic and create a stunning St. Patrick’s Day themed bouquet, with the freshest flowers in stock! *Flower selection and color scheme may vary from picture.*

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At Hoover Fisher Florist in Kensington, Maryland, we take pride in offering a unique “Designer’s Choice” collection. This special selection is the epitome of creativity and personal touch, crafted by our award-winning designers. When customers select the Designer’s Choice St. Patrick’s Day floral bouquet option, they entrust us with the freedom to create something truly special. Each bouquet is a bespoke piece of art, meticulously composed of the season’s finest blooms, ensuring that no two arrangements are the same. This option is perfect for those looking to surprise a loved one with a one-of-a-kind floral masterpiece that speaks volumes of thoughtfulness and care.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a touch of elegance and nature, consider a custom-designed floral bouquet that encapsulates the spirit and colors of this vibrant holiday. Imagine lush, green foliage as the foundation, symbolizing the verdant landscapes of Ireland. Interspersed within, find vivid green flowers, delicate white flowers, creating a striking contrast of St. Patrick’s Day colors. Accents of small, golden blooms add a hint of the legendary pots of gold, while traditional shamrocks interspersed throughout the arrangement bring a touch of Irish luck and heritage. This bespoke bouquet not only honors the essence of St. Patrick’s Day but also brings a piece of the holiday’s joy and color into any space.

We believe in creating truly unique and personalized floral arrangements for every occasion. Our Designer’s Choice collection is a testament to our commitment to creativity and attention to detail.

When you choose the Designer’s Choice option, you are giving us the creative freedom to design something truly special for your loved one. Our award-winning designers will use their expertise and artistic flair to craft a bespoke bouquet that is tailored to your recipient’s individual preferences and the occasion itself.

From selecting the season’s finest blooms to incorporating personal touches such as favorite colors or flowers, our Designer’s Choice collection allows us to create one-of-a-kind floral masterpieces that will leave lasting impressions. With each arrangement being unique, you can be sure that your gift will stand out and convey your heartfelt sentiments.

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