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Amazing assortment of  hydrangea, mini hydrangea, premium roses, spray roses, oriental lilies, dianthus trick, dusty miller, bupleurum and parvifolia eucalyptus!


This Gorgeous fresh flower design, flexible bouquet that works for many different occasions includes blue hydrangea, green mini hydrangea, premium white roses, premium peach roses, white spray roses, pink oriental lilies, dianthus green trick, dusty miller, green bupleurum and parvifolia eucalyptus.

Product Details

Floral bouquet name: Perfection

Flowers in the design: Blue ‘Select’ Hydrangea, Green ‘Mojito’ Mini Hydrangea, Premium White ‘White Mondial’ Roses, Premium Peach ‘Tiffany’ Roses, White ‘Viviane’ Spray Roses, Pink Oriental ‘Table Dance’ Lilies, Dianthus Green Trick, Dusty Miller ‘Broad Leaf’, Green ‘Griffity’ Bupleurum, Parvifolia Eucalyptus

Colors in the bouquet: Blue, Green, White, Peach, Pink

Floral container: 8″ Large Clear Gathering Vase

Country of origin for flowers: Ecuador, Columbia, South America, Mexico, California

Suggested use: Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well

Recommended add-ons: Coblentz Assorted Chocolates, Milkhouse Candles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Teddy Bear, Mylar Balloons

Featured Flowers

Blue ‘Select’ Hydrangea grown in La Ceja, Colombia, are a species of flower that is related to the hibiscus and mallow family. They have been used in gardens for centuries, but they have recently become popular as an ornamental plant in many parts of the world. Hydrangea are easy to grow, and can be cultivated in many different types of soil and climate conditions. They are typically planted in full sun, but if you live in an area that receives less sunlight than normal, you can still grow blue hydrangea indoors or under shade cloths.

Blue hydrangeas are known for their large clusters of flowers that grow on tall stems above their foliage. Each cluster consists of many individual blooms that each have five petals and eight stamens (for those who know what these things are). The color of these flowers ranges from pale blue all the way up into deep indigo shades (although other colors do exist).

Green ‘Mojito’ Mini Hydrangea grown in La Ceja, Colombia.

Premium White ‘White Mondial’ Roses grown in Tabacundo, Ecuador,are a unique kind of flower that can be difficult to find. While they’re technically still roses, they have a very different look and feel than the red and yellow roses we’re used to seeing. They are typically found in a variety of shades of white—from light ivory to creamy white and even pure white. They come in a range of shapes and sizes as well—from small peony-like buds to large, full-bloom flowers. Some varieties have leaves that are dark green or even black, while others have lighter leaves with hints of various shades of green, yellow, or orange.

White roses are also known for their delicate fragrance. While some may smell like sweet flowers, others have an earthy scent or even an almost “musty” smell that’s hard to describe but still pleasant nonetheless!

Premium Peach ‘Tiffany’ Roses grown in Tabacundo, Ecuador.

White ‘Viviane’ Spray Roses grown in Bogota, Colombia.

Pink Oriental ‘Table Dance’ Lilies grown in Columbia.

Dianthus Green Trick grown in Mexico.

Dusty Miller ‘Broad Leaf’ grown in South America.

Green ‘Griffity’ Bupleurum grown in Pichincha, Ecuador, are a type of flower that grow in the south of France. They have a unique shape and color, and they’re often used in wedding bouquets. They differ from other flowers in that they are made up of three layers: a bottom layer, an interior layer, and an exterior layer. While other flowers may have more than one layer (like a tulip), bupluerems have three distinct layers that offer different colors and shapes to their petals. The bottom and exterior layers have five petals each, while the interior layer has seven petals and is typically yellow or orange in color.

Parvifolia Eucalyptus grown in California.

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