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Peaceful White Lilies Basket


A lovely sympathy flower bouquet.


Whether you send this beautiful arrangement to the family home or to the service, all will appreciate its elegance and grace. The contrast of brilliant white blossoms and dazzling greenery create a wonderfully calm and dignified setting. (26″ W x 25″ H). This arrangement features white oriental lilies and carnations are mixed with rich greens such as salal and oregonia.


White Carnations: are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and they’re also easy to grow. They’re available in many different shades of white, as well as other colors. White carnations are a type of gardenia, and they originated in Portugal in 1871. They’re typically used for their fragrance and longevity, but can be used for their beauty as well.

These flowers have been around for a long time, but they’ve always been associated with romance. In fact, many believe that the flower is named after the Virgin Mary because it’s so pure and white like her robes. It’s also said that these flowers bloomed on her birthday: May 24th.

White Lilies: are one of the most common flowers in the world. They bloom in the spring, and they’re a symbol of new beginnings. They’re often used as wedding flowers because they represent purity and love. White Lilies have a great deal of symbolism attached to them. If you want to send someone a message of peace, tranquility, or purity, white lilies are the perfect way to do it. The flower itself is white, pure and clean-looking, so it’s not surprising that it represents those qualities so well.

Salal: are a type of flower that are used to decorate bouquets and arrangements. They are also known as Indian Paintbrush, New Jersey Tea, and trailside azalea. They grow in the Pacific Northwest, where they can be found growing wild in the forests. Salal differ from other flowers because of their many different colors and shapes. They come in red, pink, purple, white and yellow varieties. Their leaves can also have different shades of green on them depending on where you live or when you picked them (if picked at different times of the year).

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