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Peaceful Garden Spray


Standing Sympathy Spray


The Peaceful Garden standing sympathy spray includes soft and serene in pinks, lavenders, purple and white, a garden assortment of flowers send sincerest expressions of sympathy. Featured flowers include lavender roses, pink roses, lavender accent flowers and greenery.

Featured Flowers

Lavender Roses: are made from a combination of rose petals and lavender. They’re a beautiful addition to any bouquet, but they also have some unique qualities that make them unique. The color of lavender roses can be different depending on the type of rose used in the mix. Some are a deep purple-blue, while others are more of a light pastel purple. The color is determined by how much lavender oil is added to the water when making the petals.

Lavender roses also differ from other flowers because they don’t last as long as some other varieties. If you want your arrangement to last longer than a few days, you may want to consider adding another type of flower that lasts longer than lavender roses do!

Pink Roses: are a type of rose flower, and they can be used in many different ways. They can be grown as bushes, shrubs, or trees. They also have many different uses in a variety of industries. One of the most common uses for pink roses is in the fragrance industry. The fragrant oils that come from the petals of this flower are used in perfumes and lotions to give them their signature scent. This same oil is also used to make soaps and shampoos that have a light floral scent to them.

The petal oil can also be used to create food products such as ice cream or candies. You may even find some foods on your grocery store shelf that contain pieces of pink rose petals inside them. The seeds from this flower can be used as an ingredient in breads or muffins if you want to add some color to your food without adding extra sugar or fat content! You can also use these seeds when making potpourri or homemade face masks because they help keep skin soft while providing protection against harmful UV rays.

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