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Hope & Honor Basket


A lovely sympathy flower bouquet.


This arrangement with its red and white carnations honors friends and loved ones with classic style.


Red Carnations: are a beautiful, versatile flower that are frequently used by our floral design staff in sympathy bouquets, as well as designs themed for other occasions. They’re also great for everyday use because they’re easy to care for and have an extended bloom time. But what exactly are red carnations? How do they differ from other flowers?

Red carnations are actually a variety of Dianthus caryophyllus: a plant that’s native to Europe and Asia but has been grown in America since the 19th century. The name “carnation” comes from Latin caro, meaning “flesh.” In fact, the nickname “carnation” is sometimes used to describe any pinkish-red flower.

What makes carnations unique are their petals: they’re shaped like little hearts! Red carnations tend to be more rounded than other types of carnations (which tend to be more oval), which gives them their heart shape.

White Carnations: are an elegant flower that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a standalone flower, or they can be combined with other flowers to create a beautiful bouquet. White carnations are great for any occasion, but they’re especially popular at weddings and other events where white flowers are appropriate.

When choosing your white carnations, you’ll want to look for ones that have a nice fragrance and vibrant color. You may also want to consider whether the petals of your white carnation will fall off easily (which means they were picked while they were still young) or if they’re more durable (meaning they’ve been allowed to age).

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