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Celebration Of Life Spray


This colorful standing spray will express your compassion to all in attendance! Includes premium roses, gerbera daisies, gladiolus, cushions, premium delphinium, carnations, viking poms and carnations! (18” W x 46” H)


This beautiful standing spray includes premium orange roses, yellow gerbera daisies, orange gladiolus, yellow cushions, premium blue delphinium, hot pink carnations, yellow viking poms and purple carnations.

Product Details

Floral bouquet name: Celebration of Life Standing Spray

Flowers in the design: Premium Orange ‘Orange Crush’ Roses, Yellow ‘Wake Up’ Gerbera Daisies, Orange ‘Sunkissed’ Gladiolus, Yellow ‘Golden Kent’ Cushions, Premium Blue ‘Deep Blue Jay’ Delphinium, Hot Pink ‘Bizet’ Carnations, Yellow Viking Poms, Purple ‘Moon Series’ Carnations

Colors in the bouquet: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Hot Pink, Purple

Floral container: Standing Spray Cage with Oasis Foam on a 54” Easel

Country of origin for flowers: Ecuador, Columbia, Canada

Suggested use: Sympathy

Recommended add-ons: Coblentz Assorted Chocolates, Milkhouse Candles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Teddy Bear, Mylar Balloons

Featured Flowers

Premium Orange ‘Orange Crush’ Roses grown in Tabacundo, Ecuador are a beautiful addition to any bouquet. They can be used as a stand-alone flower or in conjunction with other flowers to add some flare to your arrangement. Oranges are known for their vibrant color and long stems, making them the perfect choice for bouquets or centerpieces. Orange roses have been around since ancient times, and they still remain popular today due to their ability to complement any color palette, as well as their long life span. Orange roses are known as hybrid tea roses, which means that they’re cultivated specifically for use in floral arrangements. These hybrids are bred from two other rose varieties: Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia.

Yellow ‘Wake Up’ Gerbera Daisies grown in Ontario, Canada

Orange ‘Sunkissed’ Gladiolus grown in Ontario, Canada are a genus of perennial flowering plants in the iris family. There are about 260 species of gladiolus, with the most common being Gladiolus communis. Their flowers are usually large and brightly colored, with petals that surround the structure called the corona. The name “gladiolus” comes from the Latin word gladium, which means sword. This refers to the shape of their leaves, which have a sword-like appearance..

Yellow ‘Golden Kent’ Cushions grown in Antioquia, Columbia are a perennial flower, meaning they live for multiple years. They’re also known as celandine and buttercup. Yellow cushions can grow up to two feet tall, and their leaves are bright green with a serrated edge. Their flowers have five petals and are usually yellow, but sometimes they’re white or pink. They have a sweet, mild smell that is often described as “honey-like.”

Yellow cushions are generally found in meadows and open grassy areas, but they can also grow in woodlands and around ponds. They like full sunlight but prefer partial shade during the hottest parts of the day. There are many different varieties of yellow daisy—some have more than five petals per flower head, some have fewer petals per head, some flowers have more than one color on them (such as orange or red), etc.

Premium Blue ‘Deep Blue Jay’ Delphinium

Hot Pink ‘Bizet’ Carnations grown in Columbia

Yellow Viking Poms grown in Antioquia, Columbia

Purple ‘Moon Series’ Carnations grown in Columbia

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