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Fall is a time for crisp air, falling leaves, and the beautiful colors of nature at their peak. It also happens to be one of the most popular times of year for people to send flowers! Hoover-Fisher Florist carries a wide selection of flowers for all occasions, including fall flowers. We have many varieties of mums, roses, sunflowers and other flower arrangements that are perfect for fall. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your space and make it feel cozy, we’ve got you covered with these five fall favorites:

1) Chrysanthemums: These bright blooms come in a variety of colors including orange, yellow, white, red, pink, purple and burgundy. They are traditionally associated with funerals but today they are often given as gifts or used in floral arrangements during the fall months.

Chrysanthemums are a flowering perennial plant in the daisy family that are native to Asia. They’re known for their showy blooms, which come in many different sizes and colors. Chrysanthemums are different from mums, though they sometimes get confused with them because they share similar names. Mums are actually a type of chrysanthemum, and they usually have smaller flowers than regular ones do.

2) Mums: are flowers that are native to the Mediterranean and Asia. They also grow well here in the United States. Mums grow on tall stalks, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as “cabbage” or “cornflower” flowers. The name “mum” comes from the Latin word for “night.” We carry a nice selection of bouquets featuring mums in the Fall. These pretty blooms come in many vibrant colors and sizes. Their blooms range from white to yellow to orange to red. Their petals are long and pointed, like a spearhead or arrowhead. In the fall, mum bouquets are often given as gifts at Thanksgiving or Halloween parties. But they’re also given as birthday presents during Spring time, too!

Mums are usually round, with a center of yellow petals and purple outer petals. Chrysanthemums, on the other hand, have a variety of shapes and colors (including white and yellow), but they all have a more complex look than mums. If you look closely at their centers, you’ll see that instead of having one big circle that’s all yellow like a mum flower does, their centers have several smaller circles inside it—and sometimes even stars or other shapes!

3) Roses: come in almost any color imaginable—from deep reds and oranges to pastel pinks—so there’s bound to be one that fits your style! Plus they smell amazing. We purchase many of the roses we sell direct from flower farms. Our team buys from both domestic and international sources. Roses arguably are the most frequently purchase flower in the United States. We feature roses in many of our Fall bouquets.

4) Sunflowers: These tall plants produce brightly colored flowers that can be used in bouquets or centerpieces. They can grow up to six feet tall so they’re ideal if you have space in your yard or garden where you want something big enough to make an impact but not so large that it will overwhelm your home’s decor scheme.

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