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This outstanding arrangement of vibrant seasonal flowers offers your condolences in a most memorable way. Includes gerbera daisies, premium liatris, premium snapdragons, premium roses, spray roses and mini carnations. (26″ W x 31″ H)


This compassionate sympathy arrangement includes peach gerbera daisies, premium purple liatris, premium yellow snapdragons, premium yellow roses, peach spray roses, hot pink gerbera daisies, hot pink mini carnations and peach mini carnations.

Product Details

Floral bouquet name: Compassion

Flowers in the design: Peach ‘Jetset’ Gerbera Daisies, Premium Purple Liatris, Premium Yellow Snapdragons, Premium Yellow ‘Super Sun’ Roses, Peach ‘Bali’ Spray Roses, Hot Pink ‘Cleopatra’ Gerbera Daisies, Hot Pink ‘Satisfaction’ Mini Carnations, Peach ‘Hamada’ Mini Carnations

Colors in the bouquet: Peach, Purple, Yellow, Hot Pink

Floral container: Black #34 Jardiniere Container

Country of origin for flowers: Ecuador, Columbia, Canada, Peru

Suggested use: Sympathy

Recommended add-ons: Coblentz Assorted Chocolates, Milkhouse Candles, Fisher’s Popcorn, Teddy Bear, Mylar Balloons

Featured Flowers

Peach ‘Jetset’ Gerbera Daisies grown in Ontario, Canada are a type of flower that are known for their bright colors and long-lasting petals. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to add some springtime cheer to their home or garden, but don’t know where to start. Gerbera daisies differ from other flowers in that they have many petals that all grow from the center of the flower. Other types of flowers will have one main petal that comes from the middle, but then there are also smaller petals that grow from the sides or bottom of the flower. Gerbera daisies do not have these extra petals, which makes them unique among other types of flowers. They also differ in how long their blooms last: while some types of flowers will only last for a few days before wilting away, gerbera daisies can stay fresh for weeks at a time!

Premium Purple Liatris grown in Peru

Premium Yellow Snapdragons grown in Dunnville, Canada

Premium Yellow ‘Super Sun’ Roses grown in Tabacundo, Ecuador are one of the most popular flowers in the world, and they come in a variety of colors. Yellow roses are a type of rose that grows in clusters and have a very thick stem. They typically have between five and ten petals each, which are often deep yellow or orange in color. The petals around the center of the flower are typically lighter in color than those on the outer edges. This creates a unique contrast that makes them stand out against other flowers.

Peach ‘Bali’ Spray Roses grown in Bogota, Colombia

Hot Pink ‘Cleopatra’ Gerbera Daisies grown in Ontario, Canada

Hot Pink ‘Satisfaction’ Mini Carnations

Peach ‘Hamada’ Mini Carnations

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