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White Simplicity Basket


A lovely white carnation sympathy flower bouquet.


If you want send your warmest thoughts to show how much you care, this lovely arrangement with its white carnations sends your thoughts compassionately.


White Carnations: are also known as “mum” or “Dianthus”. They are a type of flower that have been cultivated for centuries. They are known for their long-lasting, fragrant blooms and their ability to blend in with any other flower arrangement. White Carnations have the same fragrance and beauty as regular carnations, but their white color makes them stand out from other flowers. This makes them a great addition to any flower arrangement.

White Carnations are a beautiful flower. They’re different from other flowers. White carnations are pure white, with no color at all. This makes them very striking in the vase or bouquet where they’re placed. They have a sweet smell—just like all carnations. But because they’re so bright and vibrant, they make an even more noticeable contribution to your floral arrangement than other flowers would. They have a long vase life—which means that they can stay fresh in water longer than many other flowers.

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