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Mothers are the glue that holds together our families. They’re the ones who make sure we get to school on time, they’re the ones who remind us of our appointments and they’re the ones who keep us fed. But mothers do so much more than just these things!

Mothers are also there when we have a bad day at work, or when we just want to talk about our problems with someone who understands. They help us find jobs, they help us learn how to drive, and they even help us pick out clothes for the first time! Mothers are truly amazing women.

That’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day! On this holiday, we take time to honor all of those mothers who have shaped our lives in such incredible ways—not only by being there when you need them most, but by setting such an incredible example for everyone else around them as well.


The most popular mothers day flowers are roses, carnations, and tulips. Roses are often red or pink in color, which makes them a great choice for mothers who love bright colors. Carnations are a good choice if your mom loves white or cream-colored flowers and tulips are perfect if your mom loves bold colors like orange or yellow. You can also check out some other flower types that will be sure to please any mother.

There are plenty of plant options that work great for Mother’s Day. We always have a great selection of flowering plant baskets, succulent gardens and traditional dish gardens. Looking for something really elegant? Orchids are a great choice. They look lovely when presented in a vase or even in their own pot. We also sell lots of baskets that include full bloom hydrangeas. Our designers tend to include lots of unique ferns and specialty greens in our baskets and gardens.

Hoover-Fisher Florist also offers a great selection of occasion themed gifts. Many of which would be perfect to send to mom. Include a gift card from Hoover-Fisher with your Mother’s Day purchase. We offer a nice selection of gift baskets. Many are filled with all kinds of goodies. We locally source these items when possible. Gift baskets can also be filled with delicious fresh fruit, and mom’s favorite edible treats.

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