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Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated every year around the world on December 25th. The word “Christmas” comes from the Old English word Cristes mæsse, which means “Mass of Christ.” It first started as a religious celebration, but has since become a secular holiday.

The history of Christmas starts with the birth of Jesus Christ. His story has been told in many different ways over time, but most Christians believe that he was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem around 2 BCE. According to the Bible, shepherds were watching their flocks when angels appeared and told them about Jesus’ birth. They went to see him, and then they went back home to tell everyone else!

After this happened, many people started celebrating Jesus’ birthday by putting up trees decorated with lights or candles and giving presents to each other on December 25th every year. Some people even put up their own Nativity scene (which is an artistic representation of Jesus’ birth). In some countries like Germany or Austria people also celebrate St Nicholas’ Day on December 6th!


The most popular flowers purchased at Christmas are poinsettias and red roses. These types of flowers symbolize love and passion, which is why they are the most commonly sent gifts around this time of year. When you send someone flowers as a Christmas gift, it’s not just a pretty plant; it’s a symbol that you love them enough to spend money on a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Christmas bouquets can be given in many different ways: as gifts from family members or friends, as thank-you notes for special favors, or even as tokens of appreciation for doing good deeds throughout the year. The most common type of bouquet is one made up of roses or carnations on top with greenery underneath. They can also be made with any combination of flowers in whatever colors you choose (though white and green are traditional).

Red Rose Bouquets: Hoover-Fisher Florist offers a number of gorgeous rose bouquet options. Red roses are the classic choice for a Christmas present. They’re symbolic of good luck, prosperity, and love. The tradition of sending red roses as Christmas gifts started in Victorian England. The custom was to give red roses to your loved ones to celebrate the holiday season, as well as to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Today, there are many flowers that you can give as gifts during this time of year—but red roses still hold their place as a traditional (and beautiful) choice.

Poinsettias: We offer a nice selection of poinsettias. They are available in red, white and multi-color varieties. Order early in December as we generally sell out of poinsettias by mid December.

Poinsettias are a popular Christmas decoration because they’re bright, festive, and always in season. A poinsettia is a plant that grows in Mexico and Central America. They have large leaves and their flowers have five petals—most of which are red, but some are yellow or white. The plants can grow up to 2 feet tall. We generally offer a standard, deluxe and premium size poinsettia option. That way we can offer a variety of size options.

The poinsettia is considered a symbol of Christmas because it blooms during the holiday season—usually around December. It’s also called the “Christmas flower,” which makes it perfect for decorating your home at this time of year.

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